KOEN Battery is 8 year residential, commercial and industrial solar energy storage system enterprise founded in 2014, we focus on manufacturing and exporting wall mount solar powerwall, rack mount solar battery, LiFePO4 battery pack, high voltage battery energy storage system, and all-in-one hybrid solar inverter to worldwide customers to solve solar energy generation, storage and utilization.


We adhere to the three fundamental principles to guide all our business decisions: Morality, Trust and Profit. Moreover, we can give you four reasons to choose us as your trusted long-term solar energy storage system supplier,


Security Protection

KOEN utilizes the safest, non-toxic LiFePO4 battery chemistry, it greatly reduce the risk of thermal runaway to cause fire hazard, human injuries or even death.


Combined with our self-developed BMS battery management system to provide electric protections, (i.e. overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection etc.) monitoring and control function to guard battery security for your families, house and community.


Inverter Compatibility

KOEN BMS is self-developed with communication and algorithm to enable our solar energy storage systems compatible with worldwide mainstream inverters and all-in-one hybrid solar systems.


Currently, our BMS have succesfully matched with the leading low voltage inverters i.e. SMA, Victron Energy, Sol-Ark, Deye, Growatt, Goodwe, Studer Innotec, Voltronic, Solis, Lux Power, INVT, Sermatec, Schneider-Electric, SOFAR, Phocos, MEGAREVO, Solaredge, Srne, Sorocec, SAJ, TBB, MPP SOLAR and Sungrow.


High-voltage inverters i.e. Growatt, Sermatec, GOODWE, Lux Power, MEGAREVO, SMA.




Product Life

Besides security protection, LiFePO4 battery chemistry also have long protect life, wide operating temperature, lower capacity fading and maintenance-free advantages.


On average, KOEN product service life is longer than 10 years in recommended conditions. Moreover, we provide 5 year after sales warranty and life long free technical consultant in order to solve your worries.


System Integration

KOEN solar energy storage system integrates solar MPPT charge controller, on/off grid solar inverter and solar battery to form all-in-one solar energy storage system.


We`re dedicated to provide one-stop solar battery energy storage solutions to worldwide customers, no need to waste your valuable time and energy to recognize unfamiliar different suppliers.

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